Eduardo Telles: The Turtle is the King of the Jungle.
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Eduardo Telles talks Jiu-Jitsu on Carlos Kremer’s Kick Ass Radio Show


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Carlos Kremer: Are you absolutlerty kidding me its another week, another Carlos Kremer’s kick Ass Radio Show. Were having a great time. I wanted to a talk real quickly a little serious, on a serious note, umm for all the fire victims out there we’ve got some blazes going on in San Diego. And being that this is sponsored bt Kremer Insurance its my duty to point out to those that are being evacuated to save your receipts because you are entitled for lodging Uhhhh….you are entitled for meals and things of that nature a lot of people don’t know that in insurance so first be safe save your receipts and uhhh you know don’t be that guy who’s on the top of his house with a hose in his hand…thinking he’s gonna, you know starve off the blazes that are coming around him. You know don’t do it be safe and uhh any questions you can call me, you can get in touch with me and uh you know how to do it so…. anyway! With that being said we are back in studio, you know what I’m so honored to have the guy here today that we have, he is, the just when you want to talk about jiu jitsu you know, stories, folklore and you know Brazil back in the day. You’ve got a guy who is really part of jiu jitsu history and it’s an honor a absolute honor to have in studio professor Eduardo Telles “The Turtle” and some quick before I get The Turtle going and he is going to show us why ladies and gentlemen he is the king of the jungle.

Telles: hehe Thanks Carlitos..

Carlos Kremer:  of course Eduardo so, so quick just some quick props to you uh of course World Champion No-Gi 2013, Pan American Champion 2007, Brazilian National Champion 2008, I mean the list just keeps going on, and on , and on my brother and I just wanted to say, I just uhh from all of nine nine and all of your fans and all of the people that have learned from you for so many years it’s an honor for you to be here.

Telles: Ohh Thank You Very Much Carlitos, you know for me its a pleasure to be here with you. you know I feel very comfortable you as my, you know friend and student you know, so

Carlos Kremer: Dude! don’t feel to comfortable with me though right

Telles: ha oh yea

Carlos Kremer: If you do give me the opening I will take it

Telles: Ooo no problem

Carlos Kremer: Right

Telles: Go ahead

Carlos Kremer: Right I can’t even, you know , when we are introducing Eduardo, I can’t even begin to count the amount times that Ive been either choked or armbared or wrist locked by his man so we are very very close indeed umm I did want to ask you Eduardo really, you know, right off the bat, what huh , what was your greatest victory? what is your greatest victory that you remember in your career so far?

Telles: Ohh my god, one of the

Carlos Kremer: So Many, Right but

Telles: Not really you know like but yea I have a couple I remember one when I was a brown belt I was fighting for a team tournament you know, its like kind of 5 guys against 5 guys and were in the finals against Barra Gracie and I did a final match, you know, my team was depending on my victory and you know it was brown belt and black belts together. I was “inaudible” at that time.

Carlos Kremer: Ahh Ha

Telles: aaand and I did it…you know! and I win for the team.  And I won for the team and , you know we became like Brazilian Team Champions and that was great,  you know, that I think, because of that, you know I , They gave me my my black belt

Carlos Kremer: Because of that right there?

Telles: Because of that win yea…

Carlos Kremer: Beautiful what a story

Telles: Not not just you know but

Carlos Kremer: right of course….but that was kind of the icing on the cake

Telles: exactly exactly brother

Carlos Kremer: Now you came from, you were a as a purple belt in 99…you won the world silver

Telles: Yea

Carlos Kremer: yea tell us, tell us about that now and before that ahd you been competing a lot as a white and blue start us through your journey in jiu jitsu when you first started, did you think hey Im gonna compete or I’m going to learn?

Telles: Oooh I, I used to love competition my whole life, I always liked to compete so yea I competed on the white belt right after I start ,and I you know I was lucky I won my first competition.

Carlos Kremer: Did you? Your First one?

Telles: yea yea

Telles: That really, you know motivate me and and then yea… I compete a little bit, a little bit in the blue belt too, you know and more in  purple and then even more in the brown, then after I get the Black Belt. I said ohh my god thats

Carlos Kremer: Its addicting, right?

Telles: yea thats what I want, you know

Carlos Kremer: yea and that and that career spans twenty years right? Now?

Telles: Oh Yea, Oh Yea Carlitos

Carlos Kremer: I did my homework on you, I know your

Telles: Uhhh huh o my god yea

Carlos Kremer: He…. Eduardo sees piles of notes in front of me…he’s like

Telles: Exactly

Carlos Kremer: hehehe right your like he’s been writing for days

Telles: Uhh Huh…Oh yea

Carlos Kremer: Umm so, you know, on that journey, getting, getting there do you remember when you first, when you really said yourself wow it’s all coming together, as a blue belt do you remember, tapping brown and sometimes blacks was it just flowing like that?

Telles: Ohh yea oohh yea ohh yea I was a really tough white and blue belt o my god I was really wild, you know and and

Carlos Kremer: The total opposite of what you are now

Telles: yea yea exactly

Carlos Kremer: yea

Telles: kind of yea, now learned, now i more, you know, technical, I can, I can control myself better or I can play like sneaky game you know so I like I can fake Im tired

Carlos Kremer: Now we,  we talked a little about that your game getting, how? what? motivated you to gravitate toward the turtle guard? right? I mean? Doing that was just really not practiced much at all. when did you first start trying it out and saying hey this is working in some bizarre way and right?

Telles: Ooh yea, yea I

Carlos Kremer: When, tell us about this..this is fantastic

Telles: I think it was about, you know people smashing me so much.

Carlos Kremer: Ah ha

Telles: And….also cause….I don’t know? you know I was, I was comfortable in that position, I think you know everyone goes turtle, you know its like the last option.

Carlos Kremer: A huh

Telles: When they really.

Carlos Kremer: and for listeners will you describe. the turtle?

The turtle is like, the , when you go like..

Carlos Kremer: On your knees

Telles: exactly on your knees, on your elbows, you know when you keep, you, your elbows protecting you know for the guy does not put the hooks, you know so

Carlos Kremer: so its a turtle shell in that regard right there

Telles: exactly….thats why people named it as the turtle guard

Carlos Kremer: Right and so unbelievable to so many that you know its unheard of, up until then to really, to give up your back like that or offer it?

Telles: yea yea yea…Exactly you have to offer something if you want to get something

Carlos Kremer: Right is that been your philosophy?

Telles: yea exactly

Carlos Kremer: All the time

Telles: yea so

Telles: well kind of

Carlos Kremer: ha hahaha…so the turtle started working for you?

Telles: yea

Carlos Kremer: And you remember was it ughh

Telles: I think it was more after the purple belt cause I decided to play more guard…you know before I used to be more a top guy, you know then I decide to play more guard cause I really understand that a jiu jitsu guy you know, one of the best, like one of the most deterrent things about jiujitsu from the other martial arts is cause you play with your back on the mat, you know, so its really different

Carlos Kremer: Right Right…. and its uh…its an incredible thing because people get excited when they get your back right?

Telles: Ah Ha

Carlos Kremer: But the problem is they don’t do it technically, ecaxtcly how they need to do it with the hooks or the placement of the hands or whatever right? And thats all you need is that inch or two to start sliding them off

Telles: Ooh yea exactly Carlitos

Carlos Kremer: Right

Carlos Kremer: It… it… no….I…I.. can describe it very well but i can’t defend against it at all but I can descryibe it to a Tee.

Telles: Uh Huh

Carlos Kremer: Did Uh, you know talking to Jeff Glover… he was here a couple of weeks ago and he said man Telles is my…my hero man

Telles: Oh my God

Carlos Kremer: He was very yea very, very complimentary and cool and huh its great you guys have a mutual respect

Telles: I feel honored you know…a guy of his level saying that about but of course

Carlos Kremer: yea He uh…and he said like uh 03 and 04 he’s like no one could figure Telles out…like no know…this was going through and actually you got a lot of fans that way…didn’t you

Telles: Oh yea, Oh yea I have a lot of people… you know …thats

Carlos Kremer: Around the world

Telles: Exactly they come to me you know…Man I’m using the turtle guard ,,,Im doing this move Im doing that… you know  and its awesome you know…Im very you know glad and honored

Carlos Kremer: And you’ve been here in san diego now about a year?

Telles: Aaaa yea a little bit more

Carlos Kremer: A ha

Telles: Yea a year since I built;t my school or almost a year year

Carlos Kremer: you would come here to San Diego, what 5 years or 8 years previously/

Telles: Oyea

Carlos Kremer: And trained a while and went to school

Telles: I.. I cam to learn english…yea exactly and I fell in love with the city and I started to come more often after you know the Pan American tournament moved to California…you know also…the…the world tournament so…each time I started to come more and more and more…and now I moved

Carlos Kremer: Your thinking I might as well stay..if I’m going to be coming this often and wining like I am of cours umm

Carlos Kremer: Everything going well then well we are going to get into our next set…segment we are going to talk all about Open Mat, the 99 affiliates that you have across the world…umm were gonna talk about things getting to know Eduardo Telles in full detail…yea thats right here at this show…we don’t pee on your face and tell you its raining…we give you the real scoop…the real reality of what the people what to hear, thats right ..I’m going to get off my soap box right now but i haha we are going to come back and we are having a blast here. Wanted to let you know that uh… you can check out Open Mat … check Eduardo out you can also hit him up on ninenine jiujitsu on Facebook…and your listening to the Carlos Kremer Kick Ass Radio Showon Ws Radio

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