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Written by Kid Peligro 11-14-2013

2013 World No Gi Champion Eduardo Telles

Eduardo Telles is a name you’ve been hearing for quite some time. Every time there is a major tournament, Telles, the creator of the “Turtle Guard’ throws his hat in the mix and goes for it. Despite many years of competition major titles have somehow eluded him, he won the Pan in ’07 but with his talents and dedciation one would have expected a string of majors. Perhaps it was because of his innovative style or something but Eduardo seem to fall short of his own goals.

This past World’s No Gi, in his late 30’s, a rejuvenated Telles once again dusted his No Gi attire and competed. This time Telles came out with “the goods” earning Gold in the Black Belt division.

telles interview kid peligro
We caught up with Telles after the event:

KP- Congratulations on your title. It is great to see you get the reward for your lifetime of efforts . How long have you been competing as a Black belt?

ETSince 2001 after I got my Black belt from Professor Fabio Gurgel

KP- Prior to this World title what was your best result?

ETI was Pan Am Champion in 2007.

KP- What was the difference and the reason for your success this time?

ETNowadays I do all sorts of things to be better prepared. I diet, do physical workout and conditioning, I’ve also gained a lot of experience since I opened my own Academy in San Diego. Since then I’ve dedicated myself exclusively to teaching. I’ve made a conscious effort to turn my classes, my trainings etc to perfect everything that I need to learn the most.

KP-How was your preparation?

ETI followed the 99 Diet, lost weight keeping quality, I followed my wife’s direction, she is a Medical Doctor specialized in Sports medicine. I trained Jiu-Jitsu 2 to 3 times a day. I ran on soft sand to increase my stamina and endurance. I did basic weights program to increase my power and strength along with my explosion and my balance.

KP- You had what most are calling “the best fight of the event” in the final. What was going through your mind when you were behind on the score with seconds to go on the match?

ETIt was a really incredible match. “Preguiça” threw everything he had at me and he got ahead on points with 40 seconds to go in the match; but I was super determined to win and I did not stop. I turned and twisted and did everything I could and I was able to get the points. For a moment I even thought that I lost the match because the main referee did not score the points but the two side referees did. I was on the mat and had my eyes closed thinking about I had lost and then I heard “Comprido” yelling: “Get up, get up, you won!”

KP- What was that move you pulled to get your opponent’s back?

ETThat move came out then and completely on instinct, I am still trying to understand what I did, hahahaha. I am thinking of calling the move “Ghost” and I plan to teach it on my next DVD!

KP- You are the creator of the “turtle guard” do you prefer that in Gi or no Gi or does it matter?

ETIt doesn’t matter! I adjust a couple of details and it works on both Gi and No Gi.

KP- Anything else you want to add?

ETI want to thank my team Brasa/99, Rodrigo Comprido, André Galvão, Stephano de Aguiar, Clark Gracie, Brandon Magna, Alfredo Barum,Martin Figueroa, Mark Hopkins, Miles Di Pieri , and everyone that trained with me during that period. I want to thank my sponsor Shoyorol for their support too.