Eduardo Telles : BJJ’s Greatest Anti-Hero.
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DSTRYRSG.com_TELLESI don’t pretend to know too much about comic books.  I used to read them when I was like 13.   There was DC’s Justice League with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.  And then there was the whole X-Men thing.  I saw the movies.  It’s all about the heroes.

BJJ has its own kind of superheroes – grapplers who show up and win big and often at the highest levels.  There’s Roger, Jacare, Marcelo, Cobrinha, Popovitch, Galvao, the Mendes brothers, and the Ribeiros (Xande and Saulo)  – just to name a few.  These guys are great. They’re the champions of the sport.

The mainstream heroes never did it for me though.  And, while I appreciate the heroes of jiu jitz, I gotta say it’s anti-heroes are even cooler.  And, the most famous of all has to be Eduardo Telles, the purveyor of Esquijitsu or “weird jiu jitsu.”  Call it eccentric  Call it weird.  Telles is an amazing grappler with tons of talent who’s spent his entire career creating and perfecting his  innovative and novel game, much of which includes techniques from the turtle position.

Observing great grapplers simply rolling is extremely beneficial to students of all levels.  It gives us insight and helps us develop our own games.  Check out Telles in a recent marathon roll with Ronaldo de Moraes at Telles’ famed NineNine Academy in Sao Paulo.