December 4, 2013

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Eduardo Telles has done it all, or almost.
He was the  co-founder of the legendary TT Jiu-Jitsu with Fernando Tererê, back in the 00′s, in Brazil.
At 37 years old, the Brazilian from São Paulo now living in San Diego, California, has competed against everybody with and without the gi.

He has also ventured himself in MMA, with 7 fights and a 5-2 record.
Telles is better known for his strange personal style of Jiu-Jitsu.
Inventor of the turtle and the octopus guards, Telles is a master of surprising his opponents with unexpected positions and submissions.
A Pan champion in 2007 (heavyweight), Telles more recently conquered his first ever world championship as a black belt in the adult division.
In a thrilling final match against young gun Felipe Pena, Telles got a last-second back taking to score 6 x 2 and become the 2013 World no-Gi medium-heavy champion.

In the 2013 BJJ Pro League, Telles will once again display his unusual moves and be a strong contender for the super-heavy/ultra-heavy gold and $5,000 prize.IMG_6221-2