99 Jiu-Jitsu Testimonials

Sean S. – 3/1/2016

After training at Nine Nine Headquarters for just over two years I can tell you that this place becomes family very quickly. I feel at home when I throw on the GI with Professor Telles and my Nine Nine teammates. Professor Telles is an amazing teacher and a legend in the sport. If you want world class training then you found it at Nine Nine.
Getting into martial arts can be intimidating at any level from dropping your kids off to being on the older adult side with your battle wounds…but Telles and Nine Nine have a place for you to learn BJJ, join a fellowship of great people and start a journey that only has open horizons.
I couldn’t be more grateful to my friend Danny Boll for inviting me (over and over) to class and getting me started.


Jonathon M. – 7/13/2013

The training and instruction are as good as it gets, Professor Telles is a amazing practitioner and innovator of the sport. He is humble and funny but pays very close attention to the students.

The facility is nice with a fenced area for working MMA techniques against the cage and there is plenty of mat space to roll around. He is currently getting huge portraits on the wall of Martial arts greatest, Bruce Lee, Mohammed Ali, Mitsuyo Maeda and others.

I have had the opportunity to train there twice now and I leave happy, tired and full of knowledge.

He is also a Carlos Valente affiliate so other Valente Bjj affiliate schools always go and bring their students to train with others so you always have someone to roll with.

Give the place a try, I am positive you will not be disappointed.

Gary E. – 7/25/2013

Telles is a great instructor. The academy has everything you need and is state of the art. Check it out!

Todd H. – 8/23/2013

This place is awesome. Although tough to see from the street or parking lot, it’s in the corner of the Sprouts shopping center between The sushi restaurant and chinese restaurant. Once you walk through the door you realize how much room they have and how professional and clean the place is.
The instruction is amazing. I’m inexperienced in Jiu Jitsu but everyone I’ve trained with has been amazingly patient and helpful. Professor Telles is a remarkable instructor and Veeeerrrryyyy patient. After warm up, most classes have started with Telles asking if there are things we need help with and would like to practice. At some point he then makes certain to include this in the evenings lesson.
Besides the great instruction, the people are just FUN. The vibe is so easy going and un intimidating… And I’m 47!
My children are practicing in the kids class and loving their instruction as well. The 5:15 kids class time is great because the adult class starts immediately after at 6:00. This works well for families.

I have not trained in the Muay Thai classes, but those instructors have been very nice too and always very welcoming.

Danny B. – 8/9/2013

I have trained at 2 different academies in San Diego, but after an injury I took a few months off. When my knee healed, I started doing research on different Jiu Jitsu academies, and was referred to Professor Telles. The Academy was still being built, so I waited a few weeks for the brand new location to open. Once it opened, I started training here. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER WITH THE TRAINING I RECEIVE HERE!! Telles must be the most humble instructor on the planet, and he will meet you at your own level, from white belt to black belt. The environment is fun, which is important. The training is never repetitive, always something new and new faces come in and out, because the professor is very connected in the Jiu Jitsu community. Also, they offer Muay Thai classes for people who are interested in that kind of thing. The Gym is very clean and unique, with awesome paintings on the wall. Perfect place for anyone looking for a new Jiu Jitsu home, or for beginners that are curious in training BJJ!

Evers G.- 6/30/2013

Went to the The Open Mat’s soft opening yesterday……the facility is very awesome – – The head jiu jitsu instructor Eduardo Telles Moriera (of turtle guard and octopus guard fame) is a very technical BJJ instructor…. this place is going to take San Diego Jiu Jitsu up another knotch!

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