Schedule & Class Descriptions

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Adult Classes

Monday | Wed | Friday

6:30-7:30 am – All levels BJJ Gi
12-1:30 pm – All Levels BJJ Gi
6-7 pm– Basics/ Fundamentals BJJ Gi
7-8 pm – All Levels BJJ Gi (Advanced Technique)
8:15-9:00 pm YOGA – Relax and Restore – NO YOGA CLASS FRIDAY

Tuesday | Thursday

8:00-9:00 am Boxing w/ Gabriel

12:00 -1:30 pm All Levels No-Gi

6:00 – 7:30 pm All Levels No-Gi

7:30- 8:30 pm MMA All Levels


9-10am – Kids All Levels – Jiu-Jitsu
– Mom & Me – 18 Months to 3 Years Old
11-2pm – Open Mat
12:15-1:15pm –
10am – 12pm – Open Mat

Kids Classes

Monday | Wednesday | Friday

4:15-5 pm – Ages 4-8 Bjj Gi
5:00-6 pm – Ages 9-14 Bjj Gi


Tuesday | Thursday

5-6 pm – Ages 4-14 No- Gi /Self Defense

9am – 10 am – BJJ Kids Competition Techniques

Baby Turtle Class


10-10:30 am –  18 months to 3 Years Old- Martial Arts Introduction



Membership Options:
Price Per Month
1 Year Contract, Auto Debit $149.00
6 Month Contract, Auto Debit $159.00
Month to Month, Auto Debit, 30 Day Notice $169.00 Month to Month, Pre-Pay $199.00

Punch Card (10 Classes) $200.00
Drop In $30.00


Ages 4-8 $99 Per Month, Auto Debit, 30 Day Notice
Ages 9-14 $129 Per Month, Auto Debit, 30 Day Notice

One Time Registration Fee: $50.00


Kids Jiu-Jitsu Program

In this program, students aged 4-14 are given tools to help defend themselves and keep safe in difficult situations. They will learn body awareness along with techniques for self defense and competition Jiu Jitsu with an emphasis on positional drills, control and character building.

Adult BJJ Program

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling/ground fighting art that revolves around the idea of using little strength and more leverage and momentum to be effective. The Adult classes are taught by Professor Telles and center on positional drills and techniques for competition and self defense. There are both Gi and No Gi classes to enhance student training.

MMA Class

MMA classes at The Open Mat are taught by UFC competitor Wilson Reis. MMA combines the best aspects of several disciplines such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. This is class is for all levels from beginner to advanced.


Become a more complete grappler. Wrestling techniques will compliment your BJJ. Learn to take your opponent to the mat and achieve and maintain a superior position.